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Grande Prairie, Alberta, February 20, 2014

2013 Campaign

United Way Alberta Northwest needs your help to put us "Over the Top"!

The United Way Alberta Northwest is in its final stages of the 2013 campaign which ends March 31st and it is appealing to citizens and businesses of Grande Prairie and Region to put this year's Campaign "Over the Top."

"To date we have reached 65% of the 1.3 million dollar goal that will support our community partners in delivering their programs. Without this funding, these local
programs will experience difficulty delivering their annual programming and meeting the needs of the community," says Mike O'Connor, Campaign Chair.
The United Way is slightly ahead of where the organization was in its fundraising at this time last year. O'Connor says these last weeks of the campaign are very important to its success; last year's $1 million dollar goal was reached on the final few weeks of the campaign.

There are currently 31 programs and 26 charities that receive funding from United Way Alberta Northwest. These programs provide essential local services that benefit our community. Some of these programs are:

· Camp Tamarack - Youth and Handicapped Adult Camps

· GP District Grief Support/Circle of Life - Camp Heal a Heart

· Grande Prairie Youth Emergency Shelter/Sunrise House

·KidSport - Financial Support to kids

·Suicide Prevention – Youth Programs and Men at Risk Program

·Disabled Transportation Society - Transportation for persons with disabilities

·Meals on Wheels - Meal Delivery Program for seniors

The United Way is asking our community to put its best effort forward over the next six weeks to deliver the support required by our local community partners. Your donation to United Way stays in your community and helps those in need. Grande Prairie and Region traditionally rises to the challenge and we are confident they will repeat this tradition and put us "Over the Top"!

If you are able to help your United Way and its community partners, please call us at 780-518-8711 or 780-532-1105. To donate online visit our website: www.unitedwayabnw.org.

For a complete list of community partners and programs please visit our website: www.unitedwayabnw.org.

About the United Way United Way Alberta Northwest borders extends north to the NWT border, west to the BC border, south to Grande Cache and east to Fox Creek.


Media Contact:

Lori Pollock, Board Chair

- Office: 780-532-1105

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